The Pulse of Ancient Energy

A long time ago I visited Scotland on a three week camping trip, living out of a rental car and stopping at night to pitch a tent.  (I mentioned this in a previous post.)  I was not new to the magical at that point but I was a rookie to the magic inherent in the British Isles.  Driving through the middle of the night from our landing in London, we needed to stop, stretch our legs and rest a bit before anything opened for breakfast.  What better then to stop at a stone circle for dawn?

Cruising up M6 and the Lake District, I examined the map by the overhead cabin light.  “Hey, Castlerigg stone circle,” I said, “Sounds cool.”  I had no idea at the time it was one of the oldest in the world or knew anything at all about what I was to experience.  In the pre-dawn mist of the Cumbrian hills, the car was pulled over on the small two lane road and I climbed out of the car to take in my first  circle.  I remember being stunned.  The word “magic” does not even come close to defining the experience.  Though overwhelming and transitional are both good ones.

I wish I could remember every detail of the event or how long we were there.   I’m afraid I can’t and my journal, so carefully kept during the trip, has turned up missing.  I remember snapshots though and one amazing experience I will relate.  Besides that, I can still feel what it was like to stand in that circle and watch the sunrise, taking in the view and just feeling the land underneath me.

At some point I decided to find the one spot in the circle to stand and connect to the energies around me.  I set out at first to find the direct center by looking at the stones and placing myself.  I knew nothing of sites like this at that point, just a hapless American with some experience poking around an ancient stone site.  Luckily for me, I knew enough to be respectful about it.  Eventually, I found a spot that felt very comfortable but was not in the center.  (Funny thing to find out many years later that many power spots are found off-center at these sites!)

I let me energy sink into the ground and, at the same time, I reached out.


A noise not heard by my ears but felt within.  It sounded like the deep faraway pounding of an immense drum or, I suddenly realized, a heart.  I stood very still. I listened.  My hands started to tingle.  My feet felt as if they were sinking into the ground.  I listened intently, closing my eyes, focusing.  Nothing but the wind playing about my hair.

Then, without warning, very loudly…


A slow, steady and strong heartbeat sound which went along with a deep pulse somewhere far below me and all around me.  I felt a pull from the northeast and turned that direction.  I felt the sun on my face, on my hands.  The pulse sounded again. KAH-KHOOOM.  A deep massive heartbeat, not exactly under my feet, but deep in the land somewhere out “there.”  As I sank into the visualization, I was in the center of a giant drum head and as the heartbeat sounded from below the vibrations rose upwards to the drum head and then spread outward over the hills.  I had never felt anything like it.  Also, I did not see but could feel deep veins carrying the energy all through the land.

I stayed with that energy, with that heart beat, for some time.    My feet felt as if they were a foot underground.  I felt so honored and humbled.  I thanked the land and asked, even though I was a stranger with connections to a different place, could I please be here?  Could I enter and explore?  The answer came back, eventually, that I was welcome and it appreciated my asking.  I felt it come up my feet and through my hands.  It was immense and oh, so very slow.

Eventually, I eased out of the experience and opened my eyes.  I walked the circle sunwise (I knew this much, at least, from my work with Native American spirituality) and touched each stone in turn.  We left there to head into Keswick for breakfast, onward to Carlisle and up and around the Solway Firth to begin our trek around the west coast of Scotland.  Interestingly enough, throughout the entire trip, wherever we went in Scotland, we had clear skies and sunshine.  It became a joke to hear the locals say, “Oh, well, you picked a good day to visit,” or, “You seemed to have brought the sun with you.”

Throughout the entire trip, if I stopped and stilled myself, I could feel that heartbeat.  On some nights, when I drifted off to sleep in my tent I could feel it, hear it.  It was a constant reminder and companion through the trip.  Weeks later, it was decided upon that Castlerigg would be our final stopping off point on the way back southward.  A chance to pause, clean the rental car and pack for the airport.  It was here my camera lens was returned and here where I said my final, quiet goodbyes to the land.  Again, I felt that distant deep heartbeat.  I smiled and never doubted again the existence of dragon lines, ley lines, or energy vortexes in and on the Earth.

After I left Scotland I never felt the pulse that strongly again.  I can still sense that heartbeat but it is, understandably, a very far distance away.  I’ve tried here in the States but, for some reason, it’s different.  As I’m working more closely than before with earth energies it’s something I’m looking forward to exploring.  Why the difference?  Is there such a heartbeat here or are there several smaller ones?  I’m excited to see what I can find out and if I can find that deep steady pulse again.  I’m hoping dowsing will give me a hand with all of it.

Regardless, I believe it was that trip and that magical moment in the Castlerigg stone circle that sealed my fate.  One of those moments, like my initial story of the runes, which turned into a waymark for the path I am now upon.


4 responses to “The Pulse of Ancient Energy

  • Nancy Hendrickson

    Bry – I was transported to Castlerigg with you. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience. As to your last point – why not that energy here? I asked Jessica Macbeth the same question when we last met. There are clearly sacred sites in the Americas – and I’ve visited many of them – but that ancient, deep “something” is missing. Jessica said she believes it’s because in the UK people have consciously worked with the energies at those sites for centuries, while our conscious energy work at sacred sites is fairly new – even considering the work done by indigenous people. Lovely post – so glad to have connected with you.

  • Jessica Macbeth

    Bry, I had a similar experience at Castleriggs–love your telling of it! Nancy already said what I’d say–conscious focus on the energy and constructive use of it both strengthen it in that location and help bring the deep pulse of the earth closer to the surface. Sit in one of those circles and consciously allow Mamaearth’s energy to rise up through you and radiate out through the stones, if there are stones, or through whatever you find there… it might be trees, it might be water, it might be those veins in the earth. If you want to (and I think it is a good idea) put an intention into the focus. Healing is a good one. 😉

  • Bryan R.

    It’s very helpful to hear others have had a similar experience at the same circle. Jessa, your theory about people’s work, over time, with earth energy is very interesting and makes a ton of sense. I’m curious how it would apply to the “wild” circles and energy spots I am finding now in my little expeditions. Actually, this little discussion had given me more things to chew on and some inspirations for not only posts but future work. Thank you both for chiming in!

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

  • Cheryl

    Even the light is different in the UK. Its softer somehow. I was able to go inside Stonehenge in 2003, but didn’t feel anything there. However, I felt Silbury Hill (an old mound) before I saw it. I wonder now if I had asked permission at Stonehenge if my experience there would have been different? It is a place I’d dreamed about going to my whole life.

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