Weekly Navigation

Just a short update.  I’ve been working on a post that has proven more difficult than I first imagined.  It will be coming along shortly.

For now, I thought I’d cover what I do every week with my Tarot cards.  Every Sunday or at the latest, Monday morning I draw three cards which are roughly divided up as Early, Mid, and Late in the week.  These split down the week as you might imagine.  I post this spread across the top of my daily journal for the week so I see it every day.

Early = Sunday evening through Tuesday.
Mid = Late Tuesday evening through  Thursday.
Late = Friday morning and through the weekend.

To me, these cards form a navigational chart on how best to sail through both the calm and rough waters.  If I see a trouble card coming up I will frequently draw another card or two to help me clarify.  Occasionally, I will do a whole other reading.  Two weeks ago I had the 5 of Pentacles appear for the end of my week.  Concerned about it, I did an entire reading on how I could avoid the effects of that card.  It worked perfectly and instead of an exhausting, expensive weekend I was able to plot a course around it.  Worked like a charm!

My cards this week:

This week I drew the 8 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man and The Universe (or The World.)  The 8 of Pentacles has been absolutely perfect since, as I mentioned, I’m very much bent over this upcoming post which has taken me at least 4 attempts to get it going and several other projects I care very deeply about.

The Hanged Man has me a little more than curious about what’s coming around the corner.  A time when it will be best to do nothing.  Winning by surrendering.  Not pushing forward and simply hanging, upside down if necessary.

The bonus being, of course, is that I am looking at a fairly amazing weekend with the World card waiting for me.  Since there are quite a few fun things on tap for the weekend, I’m going to let this one sort itself out on its own.  Can’t wait to see what it brings!

As a final touch, I will sometimes draw a card every morning to sort of focus in on the particular day I’m facing.  Some days I don’t do it.  It’s purely a gut move.  I draw from whichever deck feels right.  Sometimes it’s another Llewellyn card, other days it might be the Faeries Oracle.  I’ve even gone off the beaten path and drawn a card from an I-Ching deck I have.  I combine this with the weekly navigation card and get an excellent feel for my day ahead.

Today I drew the 10 of Wands.  I’m combining this with my 6 of Pentacles and maybe just a hint of the Hanged man for what is turning out to me a very work filled day, perhaps even a little overburdened.  Just in time for the Hanged Man tomorrow!  Yay?

If you don’t do a weekly spread, give it a try.   Much like a treasured map of rapid filled waters, you might like the reflection and awareness it gives you.


One response to “Weekly Navigation

  • Megan Potter

    Thanks for this it’s a great idea. I sometimes do monthly layouts and daily three-one card pulls, but never thought if assigning a time span to a card. Great idea!


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