Oil Spill Commentary from the Tarot

After my early morning round of healing for the Gulf today I drew a card.  I drew a card when we started the work on Saturday morning.  The first card from Saturday was the Five of Cups.  I found it striking and clear as to it’s message

5 of Cups – Loss.  Regret. Loss that initiates change.  Losing hope and moving away.  Turning around from a horrible situation to find two full cups.

Is the Gulf situation without hope?  Is  it time to let go of the grief and the tragedy and move on to resolution?   The damage is completely out of control and becoming worse.  Is it time to look beyond what has happened and begin to prevent what could happen on the global scale?  I also took note of the far away building (city) and the dark gook around the fallen and spilled cups.  Two of the cups look as if they have spilled towards the river/water.  Perhaps I am ever hopeful but I was drawn to the two cups behind the person, standing upright but ignored.  There is a way out of this.  There is something being ignored as we only focus on our grief, anger and resentment.

This Solstice morning after performing the round I asked, “What is the outcome of the energy work towards the Gulf on this Solstice?”

The Tower.   Transformative down to the bare bones change.  Old foundations and ways of being, once strong in their stone walls, were about to be hit by lightning and awash with water.  Water again.  Shocking transformation and upheaval.  A wake up call of immense proportions.

The card is not meant for anyone that is already aware of the horrible system collapse we are about to see.  It is for the ones that, for so long, felt untouchable in their castles and towers.  Whatever comes next… that Tower card is for them.  If you look on the Tower card and say, “Well, that couldn’t possibly mean me,” then your time and world, as you know it, are limited.

The shake-up indicated by the Tower is something that perhaps none of us will see coming.  For Americans and the world to change their thinking over fossil fuel would take something on par with a world class disaster.  The habits, profits and thinking are already grilled into almost three generations.  The pathways have been burned in and the entire infrastructure is built upon it.  It would take something on par with the Tower to REALLY change things.  Is this it?

We will just have to wait and see where the lightning bolts strike.

I will continue to draw cards on this as we go through each day.  I’ll post them here as I can.

What are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Oil Spill Commentary from the Tarot

  • Jessica Macbeth

    The thing is… it is… we just don’t know. Given what is happening right now in the Gulf, we just don’t know how long it will continue or how much damage we can do. This may be the catalyst that forces the change. We can hope and pray and send healing and raise our voices to make it so. Love the reading of the cards, Bry! Right on!

  • Bryan R.

    Thanks, Jesa. Means quite a bit coming from you. All we can do is keep plugging. Just because we can’t SEE the results it doesn’t mean nothing is happening, right?

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