Prayers for the Gulf

I’m very sorry to get this posted much later then I would have liked…

I’ve started a Facebook group whose focus and goal is to send a scheduled series of healing energy and prayers to the Gulf for five days over the Solstice.

You can find it here : Prayers and Energy for the Gulf

Today we begin by sending at least five minutes of prayer, light and healing to the Gulf coast area.  We are asking for protection, healing and, most importantly, a beginning to a resolution. We are doing this in synch with sunrise over the Gulf which is 6 AM Central Daylight Time.  (11 AM GMT/UTC)

Tomorrow we will do the same.

On the Solstice we will have three rounds, one at sunrise, one at solar noon and one at sunset.  The times are listed on the Facebook page and in the discussion board there.

Two days following Solstice, we will return to morning sessions.

This quest is open to anyone and everyone as long as their only intention is to bring beneficial healing energies to the tragedy.  There will be a bit more on the Facebook page as I can post.

My sincerest apologies for the lateness of the announcement.  Join us if you can, spread the word and do whatever you can.

Thank you!


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