The Universe at Work / My New Tarot Deck

So, even though the Intuitive Tarot was basically placed in my hand for fifty cents, I’ve been having a hard time jiving with it.  I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with it but I am sure it’s not supposed to be my personal deck.  The same goes for the Stella Tarot I’ve mentioned here as well.  I do like working with the Stella but, again, there still wasn’t a deep link to it.  I knew it was out there but it’s been a long time since I found a deck that meshed a hundred percent with me.

Now more then ever before you can surf the internet and see tons of images for cards, get reviews, etc.  Over the past two weeks I had a small list of three that “looked” like a good fit but I was continuing to shop.  Wandering over to a nearby bookstore in search of another journal I happened to notice they had restocked the tarot section.  Interestingly enough, some of the decks I was leaning towards were actually on the shelf.  That was all well and good but there was a problem.  The budget has been very tight and I wasn’t sure I could justify a deck.

Enter my financial adviser who also is no slouch in the realm of energy work (otherwise known as my amazing wife.)  I gently discussed this with her on Sunday and informed her it wasn’t “that big of a deal but if we have a little extra I would love it.”  She said she would “take a look at the books.”

This is the point where things started to click forward with the unstoppable precision of the Universe building a Rube Goldberg device.

My wife handed me a piece of paper and said, “Well, I almost forgot but there’s this.”

I looked at what she handed me which was a 40% off coupon for the bookstore.  I laughed, “Is it still good?”

It expires today,” she said with a grin.

End scene and roughly thirty minutes later we are headed for the bookstore.

While there I showed her the three I had chosen and we were discussing the merits of each of them.  We had it narrowed down to one deck that although not a perfect match, I was pleased with for the most part.

I had just turned to go when she said, “It’s opened but what about this one?”

Looking over I saw she had found a boxed set of cards with no shrinkwrap.  She took this as a sign and immediately opened it up to look at the cards.  “Do you care that it’s opened?” she asked.  I leaned over and looked at the cards as she started to go through them.  They were beautiful.

I said as much and added, “These, uh, these weren’t here before.”

“Do you care they’re open?”

“I don’t care if they’re open as long as they’re all there,” I said.  “I can take care of any other “problem” with them.”  (And by “problem” I meant energy gunk or residue.  They’re just cardboard cards after all, right? *wink* )

She handed them to me with a strong gesture and said, “If they’re all there, these are them.”  Giving me a dazzling smile that denied any argument she started looking at the shelves again, “Count them and make sure they’re all there.”

I counted them and looked at the art.   They were all there.  I was so pleased and for the first time I could feel such a solid connection with the images.  The cards were absolutely gorgeous and the imagery synced up nicely.

Then, of course, my wife suddenly chimed in again with another opinion. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” was all she said.

I looked over and realized she was, yet again, about to hand me something.

She had in her hand the new Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  We owned a few signed prints of the cards but had not seen the deck out in the wild before.  We discussed how beautiful it was and how happy we were to see it.  “Well,” she handed me the box, “the first one you have feels more like you but, it’s you’re call.”  Knowing she was leaving me with a tough choice she grinned at me and strolled away to another section.  I think she would have skipped along merrily if it had occurred to her.

How do these things happen?  How did I get from struggling to find a simple single tarot deck that might work to holding two boxed sets that contain exactly what I need?

I set the boxed sets on a shelf in the nearby photography section.  (If you only knew how hilarious THAT was…) I cleared my head, quieted and did a bit of deviceless dowsing with them.  I asked a few simple questions, “Which deck was the deck I was supposed to buy?”  “Which deck was the best connection for me right now?”  Then, I just gently reached out for an answer.

The pulse went up my arm, bulged a bit in my neck, and then washed over my skull.  It was one of the strongest answers I’ve ever received.  I physically reacted.  “Well,” I muttered, “that’s cleared up.”  I placed one back on the shelf, grabbed my new deck and met my wife in the humor section.  She looked at the deck in my hand and then at me.

“Got the answer.  Rather forcefully, actually.  This one is mine.  The Shadowscapes Tarot is yours.  We’ll come back for it as soon as possible.”

She started to make some comment about not reading the tarot, money and tight budgets.  I ignored her and showed her a funny cartoon book.  We laughed at that for a bit and then, purchasing the deck, we came home.

I’m so very excited!  As I’ve said I’ve not had a deck jive with me like this since I bought the Faery Oracle nearly ten years ago.  So, since I’ve kept it a bit of a secret through the post and you’re going to be seeing a lot of them in the near future, let me introduce you to my purchase.

The Llewelyn Tarot

The deck focuses on Welsh mythology with images that are just enough off the beaten path to make me happy.  The two traditions which call to me the most is this Celtic/Welsh vibe and Native American.  (I can’t wait to use them in conjunction with my Medicine Cards.)  So, in that regard, it fits the bill perfectly.   I’m not overly drawn to Arthurian mythology and that is typically what you get when you begin to pull something from the history of Wales.  This is a much more educated effort as the publishers have gone back past Arther and into the deeper mythology of the area.  This is something I can really dig on.

At home and going through the cards one more time, I gave them a bit of a smudge to clean them and then let it sit for awhile.   Family life called and I was busy until bedtime.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there’s that triskelion again…

I’ve always felt that the first card pulled from a fresh deck should be recorded and remembered.  It tends to stand as a continual marker for the coming relationship with the deck.  This morning, during the quiet hours, I shuffled the cards and made my pull.

I love this set so much.


2 responses to “The Universe at Work / My New Tarot Deck

  • Jesa Macbeth

    Beautiful cards, lovely fit, great choice!

  • Nancy

    I first saw this deck over a year ago and thought it was lovely . . . but didn’t think much more about it. Then, while in Port Townsend, I picked it up again in the Phoenix Rising store. For some reason (I’m sure the faeries know why!) I was drawn to it in a way I wasn’t before. It’s a beautiful, story-filled deck and I hope it brings you wondrous ways!

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