Spiral Visions

I’m not sure exactly what is going on but over the past 12 days the triple spiral pattern, or triskelion, has been popping up all over the place for me.

I’ve seen it twice in dreams, a handful of times in meditation, and several times while “out and about.”  The most recent is that it appeared as the symbol a friend wants to include in a sand mandala she is building which was inspired by, guess what,  a crop circle.  I recently got inspiration for a tatoo (I’ve never had a tatoo) and guess what showed up?  Yeah.

And, in the next post, you’ll see how it shows up again…

I’m not going to question it TOO hard but I sort of feel like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters while building his mashed potatoes into the Devil’s Tower.  “This means something…”


2 responses to “Spiral Visions

  • Jewls

    what does a spiral mean? been told there all over .was told my son holds one?

    • BR

      A single spiral can mean several different things but typically it can mean a swirl of energy or a field of energy. It can also mean DNA. Tons of individual meanings there so I’d recommend meditating on it and seeing what comes up for you. The triple spiral above can also mean numerous things but I find it as a holistic symbol covering “Male, Female, Spirit” or even “Earth, Air, Spirit”, etc. Three elements blending into one. You could also fit it into the Christian Trinity. It’s an archaic symbol. Give it some research and see what you find.

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