Magical Walks at Lunch

During the intensely energized period of last week, I decided to take what I like to call a “dowsing walk” during my lunch break.   I discovered them last year and they are very simple to do.  I simply ask my pendulum if there is someplace I should go or see in a given area and it gives me a direction.  I usually do pick the general area I’m going first like a city park, a nature trail, or even a section of the city.  Before I begin I sometimes place qualifiers such as “don’t get me in the mud” or “please keep me in particular area X.”  Other then that, I let it guide me.

Wednesday morning,  I had felt a pulling towards the park where I had found the power spot with my dowsing last year (This was mentioned in an early post HERE) so I headed that way.  I was in my office clothes and was a bit concerned of getting them ripped, beat up or dirty.  The power spot sits in a particularly difficult and muddy spot to get to and, since it had rained the night before, I wasn’t interested in going directly towards it. Instead, I pulled into the parking lot, sat in my car and asked a few questions of the pendulum.

Rain was indicated all day today but I saw no signs of an immediate threat.  “Will it rain during my time here?” No.  With that solid,  I asked if there was someplace I should walk to and, I added, “could that place be easy to get to in my current work clothes?”  It directed me towards the small woods where the power spot was located.  Once at the edge I took the wide, mowed walking path in the direction indicated and started to take in the light on the leaves, the breeze in through the branches, the bird song all around me.  The woods there are very young, having been planted after the city turned the area from a farm into a park.  Most of the trees were no more than 30 or so years of age.  There were some real giants I’d found in my explorations but, as far as I know, I wasn’t headed towards them.

Of course, within a few minutes, the pendulum had me off the path.

But, it stayed good to my preset condition of “hey, keep the mud off the pants, alright?”  After working through a small barrier of brambles, the young forest floor opened up and it was, of course, easy walking.  The mosquitoes were my only concern since I had not brought along bug spray.   (Personal note: put bug spray in the back seat of the car and remember to maybe dowse for “mosquito control.” ) Within minutes I had a dozen or so whipping about me and I fended them off as best as I could.  The pendulum led me down a line of trees and I continued.

Finally it began to spin to indicate I was in the right spot and I looked around. To be honest, I didn’t see a whole lot at first.  Just young trees of hard and soft wood, a level and fairly clear forest floor.  Nothing stood out.  I got another confirmation from the pendulum.  It was circling madly over one particular spot and looking down I noticed a long broken branch from one of the nearby trees.  Wet and nearly covered in leaves, it was a few inches from my foot.  “Is this what I’m here for?”  Yes.  “You brought me here for a wet stick?”  Yes.


I picked it up and it immediately broke in half from rot.  However, I discovered the other half still in my hand was firm, very firm.  It was also very very straight.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it since there were other branches and fallen sticks all over the place.  (It was the woods after all!)  Why this spot and why this particular one?  Looking around I tried to figure out which tree it had come from.  This was difficult since there were small trees all around me.  Difficult, at least, until I dowsed the question and was led to a tall, slender maple tree which was the oldest in the immediate area.  Even then it was a still fairly young.

It was at this point I realized the mosquitoes had left.  No buzzing or hovering near my arms, none on my neck.  They were gone.  Mater of fact, the woods seemed a bit more peaceful, more quiet than normal.  I’d encountered this before and knew what it meant.  I put out one hand, leaned against the tree and closed my eyes.  A breeze came out of the west and I could feel the tree trunk move under me as the top of the maple swayed.  I relaxed and waited.  Finally I felt it more than I heard, “Be who you are supposed to be.  You know what to do.  No more doubts.   Be who you are.”

Should I make a pendulum out of part of found wood? (I’ve been wanting to carve one for awhile now.)  The answer – “Of course.”   Should I do anything else?  The answer – “You will know.”  Why this particular stick?  The answer – “Why not?”

That one threw me.  I laughed, thanked the tree and pushed myself off it’s trunk.  I heard a final, “Be who you are” in departure.

I checked with my pendulum to make sure I was finished and then, carrying my stick which felt very good in my hands, moved back through the trees to the mowed path.  I decided to wander on down towards the power spot which sat around 60 yards to the east.  Once close, but still on the path, I stopped and asked a few more questions concerning the node.  From the answers I determined it was active, healthy and just as powerful as before.  I dowsed to see if bringing a crystal here was a good idea.  Yes, it was.  Feeling good about that, I decided it was time to head for my car.  I was feeling very peaceful, connected and energized.

I decided to stop in a large open space when the sun slowly began to come out from behind the clouds.  The sun felt good on my skin.  As I was soaking it in I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  In a tangled jumble of  dead trees and branches piled there by park maintenance a small wren was bouncing from branch to branch. I smiled and turned to watch.  As I did a second surprise came streaking out of the treeline in a brilliant blue flash, an Indigo Bunting!  If you’ve ever seen these birds you know how bright they are in the sunlight!  Indigo Buntings are a special bird to me and I’ve always considered them magical. Wrens are also a magical favorite of mine since I saw my first one living under my wooden deck when I rented a house in the country.  (Also considered a sacred bird to the Druids which, interestingly enough, I’ve been looking into a bit more lately.)

It landed near the wren and the two of them simply sat there chirping away.  The wren flew off to the other side of the pile, the bunting followed.  They moved around there and when the bunting flew off back to where he landed the wren followed him.  A few dragonflies flew to and fro around the brushpile and the surrounding grass.  Perhaps the pair of birds were feeding on them?  The two stayed there for some time and I watched with a satisfied smile on my face until the bunting disappeared into the tree line again and I knew I needed to get back to work.  I said my thanks and a goodbye and then headed to my car.

Another successful dowsing walk completed!

Addendum — The following day I went ahead and braved the mud and muckle to place a crystal in between the two trees of the power spot.  I also found a  wing feather of a crow along the walk to the node.  The area had dried somewhat but was wild, overgrown.  The two trees also have a mad tangle of thick grapevine around them as well as brambles and other saplings.  No clear walking here!  I placed the crystal and the crow feather upon a small platform of broken twigs.  Will go back to check on things in a few days.


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