Oh! I Remember This Part!

The past few days have been an exciting and whirlwind time.  Talk about your universal thumbs up! Starting with the inner statement of returning to a magical life and watching it manifest in some part by starting this blog, it would seem the Universe has decided this whole thing should be filed under “a very good idea.”  I’d say it first started a month or so ago with a long string of deja-vu occurrences.   I knew then that something was coming but that was about the extent of my knowledge.

Honestly, I’ve been keeping my magical life fairly well dampened the past four years.  It wasn’t that I had turned the tap off as much as I’d thrown a blanket over it.  I did things for myself and internalized most of it.   My style since the beginning has always been a subdued one but more than ever I felt a need to keep things “on the down low.”  The other issue was stress and time.  It’s been said I’ve spend that time doing “Very Important Things” but here lately I decided some of those Things had entirely too much energy assigned to them.  (This happens from time to time if you don’t keep a weather eye on it!) However, my full withdrawal was based on confidence, some of it was based on a period of time where I lost my faith in it.  I rarely placed “what I do” out there and I rarely moved forward with it.  As I said, I kept it under a blanket.   I went into my cave.

Last year, I started to change that up a bit.  I picked up something new in the form of dowsing.  I began to look for “energy spots”, ley lines, and started taking dowsing walks.
I began being a bit more overt in connecting with spirits.  I joined a paranormal team and I started readings again for close friends and family.  I started to “remember” what it was like to live a magical life.

Almost directly in conjunction with all the astrological connections taking place this week, things started to really swirl around me.  Have you ever seen a little dust devil of leaves and bits?  Have you had one swirl around you?  That is the best example of what’s been happening lately except it has been one “coincidence” after another and by coincidence I mean confirmation.

Early this week a storm blew through our area and a large branch from one of the nearby River Birches fell.  I found it while walking my dog in the early morning light and then heard in my head, “I would make a nice staff.”  I just stood there blinking.  My puppy wasn’t quite sure why his owner was staring at a stick so he grabbed part of it and started dragging it around.  I freed the larger section that would soon be a staff and two days later I found out how important birch trees are in Druidism/Wiccan lore.   Previous to that, I’d had an incredible urge to focus on my woodcarving again.  (I’m not sure when time to do it will appear as I’ve not mastered the art of temporal bi-location just yet.)

Crows have been following me around all week.  Since last year I’ve taken to saying hello to them whenever I see them.  I’d heard somewhere it was a good thing to do.   (Something about them passing on the greeting to all the other crows.)  Over the course of the week, one in particular greets me every morning and I’ve found two crow feathers lying in my path.

Other birds have been making surprising visits as well.  A bright orange and black Oriole buzzed my car on the way to work.  One of the brightest Goldfinches I’ve ever seen swooped in front of me as I walked outside.  I had a great encounter with a wren and a bunting while doing a dowsing walk which is featured in a coming post.

The trees and stones have started to speak to me again.  Or, probably more realistically, I’ve started listening to them again.  My intuition is a bit more accessible and accurate.  In a way, it’s like I’m wandering back through my initial ecstatic initiation with the Otherworld except I’m seeing it all with veteran eyes.  Like visiting an old amusement park you haven’t been to for a decade.  “I remember this!  And this is how that works!  And, if you wander over here, THIS will happen!”

And, on top of it all, information has been pouring in at a madcap rate.  If I could afford it, I’d take the next week off just so I could get it all written down!  Unfortunately, its not the case so I make do with what time I’m given and keep pacing forward.


2 responses to “Oh! I Remember This Part!

  • Jesa Macbeth

    Yer not the only one things are happening to, but I’m certainly glad to see *these* kinds of things happening to you!

  • Nancy

    I loved reading this! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog – nice that we can connect. Also, serendipity that you found a birch staff – – my blog post that will go out tomorrow am has birch has a significant player! Don’t you love it when all the right pieces collide at the right time?

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