Daily Drills

So, as I get my sensitivity back around the tarot, I’ve been drawing a card a day.  The drill is not what I personally need to know but, instead, I ask for a card that I can look for throughout the day.  Can I identify its aspects?  How does it play out with the world around me?

For instance, one card from last week was from the Intuitive Tarot and was the Page of Swords. I’ve spent the day looking out for personalities and moments in my day that match the Page’s.  For instance, upon seeing the card I immediately thought of my oldest son whom the card matches very well.  Throughout the day I have been looking for small, intellectual messages that might come in to co-workers as well as myself.   As I can, I go through several meanings on the internet.  It’s very much part of the process to wade deep in each card’s meaning on both an intuitive and technical level.  I would equate it to filling up a memory cell labeled “Page of Swords” in not only my conscious mind but my subconscious as well.  Another way to look at it is as how one would look at an astrological reading for the day.  What does the single card tell me about the “climate” of the day ahead.

Taking it one step further, I will take the card through all the different meanings of the different positions of a spread.  Perhaps it’s only a quick past, present, future 3 card spread or, if time allows, what would this card mean in each position of a Celtic Cross spread.

Also, I will sometimes do a personal daily card.  I’ve done this for a very long time now and this card is focused on how my day will go and what I, personally, need to keep an eye on.  For these draws I will typically use the Faeries Oracle or the Medicine Cards.  If I have more time, I will do an I-Ching reading.  (more on the I-Ching further down the path a bit.) These apply to me and to what I need to know or what challenges might be facing me on that day.  I prop these cards up on a shelf in my office where they will remain standing until I feel they do not apply.  This can be anywhere from a day to even a week.  Late last week, I pulled the Raccoon card in the Medicine Cards.  Raccoon stands for being a generous protector, for looking out for your family.  During that time Raccoon really gave me the heads up to stop one situation in it’s tracks and to also be ready to give a little more towards another family member.  The day went so much smoother because of it.  Occasionally,  these personal daily cards will only apply to a few hours of full day (or days) but without them I would have dropped a lot more balls then caught!

These daily pulls are also fast.  I don’t spend a lot of time on them.  I shuffle them as I ground and center, spread the cards and then pull.  Look at the card, record initial thoughts and then I’m off to the races.  I save the high ceremony for when I have the time or need it to relax.   Throughout the day I keep a few notes and then, when I have time begin to compile them in my journal.  (In regards to journalling, I’ve gone through quite a transformation there as well.  However, I’ll save a full post for that since it will be an in-depth explanation and I’ve already taken up much of your time.)

For anyone beginning or, in my case, coming back to divination these daily drills are essential.  Not only do train your mind they also begin to work on a deeper level as well.  It allows your psyche to get involved and limbers up the connection between you and the Universe/the Divine/Tao/Lifeforce/God.


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