Earth Energies and Dowsing

Last year, out of a simple curiosity, I began my work with pendulum dowsing.  It was good to start something new.  Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with it and trying out all the different “styles” or “forms” this kind of dowsing can have.  Two of them seemed to draw me when I started.  One was using the pendulum with a letter board and the other was working with earth energies and ley lines.  Matter of fact, I got so excited I started another blog altogether on the subject.  It went to the wayside though when I realized I needed a venue that covered far more than just my pendulum work.  (I’ll bring a few posts from there over to here in the coming months.)

I began map dowsing for a few local “power spots” with Google Earth and found several within my county.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to ask for ones that were on public land and accessible.  This narrowed the field a bit.  The first one I investigated was in a city park with a nature path.  Nestled between a maple and an oak tree which had grown directly next to each other, it turned out to be a small power center along a very long and powerful ley line.  I was told, through my questions with the pendulum, that the ley line itself had come close to the surface of the ground and what I had found was sort of a “bubble up” spot.

Here is the excerpt from my blog/journal

“I also had a few more questions for the location.  What exactly WAS it?  Through a yes/no series I was able to determine it was simply a spot where the energy line was very near or bubbling onto  the surface.  In a way, it was like an eruption of energy.  I envisioned it like lava or warm mud extremely close to the surface and making the area warm.  I randomly gave a rating of 1 to 5 and asked to be told what strength the line might be with 1 being the smallest energy line and 5 being the largest, most powerful on the planet.  Surprisingly, I was told a 4!

I was a little put off and suspicious of my subconscious with my sudden luck at finding such a powerful line.  I’d gotten a direction of the ley line so I decided, once back at home, I would go to Google Maps and see where it led.  What surprised me was how close it came to linking up with ancient native sites both to the North and South of me nearly a hundred miles away.  Again, it could be my subconscious at work since I was more than familiar with my state map and the location of at least one of those site.  What was a real cincher was when I discovered the line came very close to a sacred site that I DIDN’T know the location of until I started researching them on the internet.  It was quite a rush when I made the correlation.

It was the first time I had ever worked in this way with this kind of energy.  (I had been fortunate to spend about an hour in one of the famed Sedona vortexes a year prior in 2008 but it had been a short visit  and I was not dowsing at the time.)  Needless to say, I made a fair share of mistakes as I began.  I found out, first hand, how these energies can mess with your physical health if not respected.  Here is another bit from my journal.

That evening, I became aware I was becoming more and more irritable.  Something similar had happened the night before, the first day I had found the power spot.   I had come home and shortly after dinner had become very cranky and had gone for a walk to cool down.   During this second evening, I had to control my thoughts and words to my family.  My wife commented on how “raw” I seemed to be about things.  I  felt hyperactive and scatterbrained.

It wasn’t until after that second visit and the symptoms returned when I became suspicious. After asking a series of questions with the pendulum, my cards and perusing through the internet was I able to get the whole answer.  The power spot, though not malignant, was definitely the cause of the symptoms.  On later returning trips, I grounded myself properly and was a bit more careful.

What made me a solid believer in not only dowsing but these energy lines and nodes was that I had done very little research on any of this before beginning.  I had heard of it, was simply curious, and in my normal style had gone out and jumped into the deep end.  It was only later through research that I was able to confirm my own experiences with what other people a half a world away had discovered.  In a way it was as if I had discovered, by accident, the perils of poison ivy and then, through research, discovered it did indeed  cause itching, rashes and blisters if not handled properly.

In all of this internet research, I stumbled on a site that I wanted to share.  Matter of fact, it was this site which was the inspiration for this post.  The authors are much further along in this work then I’ll ever be and I find the blog posts an educational and entertaining read.  They are on their own journey of discovery and I highly recommend starting at the beginning of 2008 and working your way forward. The added bonus is the posts help me reminisce over a  trip to England and Scotland I took over a decade ago.  I miss that land so very much.(I’ll get back one day!)

I also enjoy the fact they have devoted a full page to spiritual trees they’ve encountered.  I was actually led on a dowsing trek through the narrow woods of a nearby city park to a very old and wonderful tulip tree few people know is there.  It’s inspired me to begin cataloging  my own findings of these awesome sentinels.

Give it a look.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  The Hedge Druid.

I’ll be talking about my own dowsing experiences here as time goes by.  It’s a tool that I’ve grown fond of and have happily included in my “utility belt.”  I’ve made a pair of dowsing rods as well but have not had the time to really practice with them.  I’m a bit self-conscious to be walking around in public areas with them.  I’m sure my shyness will ease over time as my experience and confidence grows.


2 responses to “Earth Energies and Dowsing

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  • Robert

    When we were visiting the old Sinagua sites, we ran across a number of very personable sycamores, so I know what you mean about some trees. I still want to go to California as an adult and encounter the redwoods and sequoias. Even though it was 31 years ago, I still get a sense of awe and reverence from the brief time I spent there.

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