Universal Thumbs Up

It’s always pretty clear when the Universe is giving you a thumbs up.   From the previous post, you know I’ve been drawn back towards the tarot cards lately.  As much as I like the Stella deck it’s still a bit “much” for me.  It really is hard for me to pin down my feelings on the deck.  One day I like looking at it, the other I just chuckle at it and find it hard to take it seriously.  (How funny is that?  A guy who talks to fairies is having a hard time taking a tarot deck seriously?)

Anyway – No sooner had I made the decision to start working with the tarot again when I went for a stroll around my neighborhood on the weekend.  What should I stumble across at a nearby garage sale but another tarot deck.  Having only about a dollar in change in my pocket and on a very tight budget, I looked it over and was surprised to see a price tag of .50 cents.  Once again, a little confirmation never hurts.

The deck is called the Intuitive tarot deck by Cilla Conway and I, of course, purchased it.  Getting home and looking through the images I was struck with their uniqueness.   Extra bonus?  The previous owner had done an excellent job of “clearing” them.  Though I could tell they had been used slightly the cards had no left over “stuff” on them and instead sort of hummed with a peaceful, gentle energy.  You can tell a lot about a person by the tarot decks they leave behind.

The images for the deck take some getting used to since the black eyed characters have an “alien”, and some would say menacing, feel to them.  Again, not much of an argument coming from me since I work with the fey who, occasionally, have been known to have a very similar appearance.

The paintings themselves are streamlined in comparison to the symbol laden cards of the Stella deck.  They do have a calming quality though, ethereal in their nature.   Drawing an initial card after a shuffle I picked one of my favorites and someone that seems to be showing up quite a bit for me since starting this blog.

Again, even if you’re not paying attention, the Universe is good of letting you know you’re on the right path.

I wonder… does the Universe work better when you are or are not paying attention?  Something to chew on, eh?


2 responses to “Universal Thumbs Up

  • jesamac

    I could be wrong, but I think it flows better when you’re paying attention… and bops you on the nose harder when you aren’t. At least, that’s my experience!

  • Bryan R.

    I think, like most things, it’s somewhere in-between. If I pay TOO close of attention I think everything is something when oftentimes it’s not really much of anything. If I ignore things completely then everything is nothing including the things that are REALLY something.

    Did that make sense? 🙂

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