Questing Path Redux

Blessed Summer Solstice!  As a Solstice gift to all of you I’d like to offer up something that I’ve been working on since before Beltane.

Back on Beltane, guided by intuition and, I believe, spiritual nudging, I felt the urge to look once again at my Pathway Spread. In meditation space, at the heart of my glen, I held the issues I had with the spread in the forefront of my thoughts. As I looked at it and asked for guidance I heard/felt something like, “Don’t you think it’s too focused on facing difficulty?” This was an interesting thought and as I traveled down it I realized it was correct. I set about streamlining the spread and on Beltane evening I sat down with the new spread.

Upon completion it “felt” better, more supportive. The spread was originally a 7 card spread with one mid-points of navigation between the starting point and the destination. Then, I modified it slightly to include 2 mid-points of navigation moving the number up to 8 cards total. The issue became that there were also 2 Challenges cards as part of the spread as well. If the 2 navigation points came up with difficult cards then the spread could have a total of 4 “challenging” cards against 2 allies, a beginning and a destination. No wonder it felt so heavy!

Coming out of meditation, I got to work in redesigning the spread, streamlining it and focusing on support and forward movement instead of obstacles. The card reduction came back down to 7 which I prefer and took me back to the original inspiration on the spread. Also, the supportive cards are now 4 in number instead of 2. Beltane evening, I gave the spread it’s first test run with my destination being the Summer Solstice. Over the following 2 months I was incredibly pleased with the results and the accuracy of the new spread.

I’m happy to present the “New” Questing Path Spread or, what I’m calling it, the Questing Path Redux.



So you kind readers will not have to go clicking back through past posts, I’ll include the full write up below of all the positions and what they mean. You’ll note the layout order of the draws has changed slightly. Otherwise, not much of these have changed but I’d rather present it all together as one package!

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Beltane Forest Walk

Yesterday morning I took my camera and filmed along as I went a’bounding into the glen.  Come along for the trip!

By Any Other Name…

Just taking a brief moment to talk about a small but significant change for me.  A few weeks ago I realized I needed to change my magical name.  I liken it to the feeling a snake or a crab must have when it is time to shed their skin or shell.  It started as a minor irritation, a grumbling.  Then, as time progressed, aggravation rose steadily along with a persistent need to “get it done.”  I told a dear friend of mine, “It’s like a loose tooth, a constant distraction, I keep wiggling it and won’t leave it alone.”  (And big thanks to that dear and beloved friend who helped me through the later bits of this challenge! ;D  )

I began to make lists and to go through search websites.  The part that needed changed was the surname; Stonemagus.  I no longer liked it.  It felt too contrived, corny even.  I had outgrown it.  So, I began the quest of name shopping and researching, trying on different names like clothes.

And that is really what you do with a name, right?  In the big scheme of things they are NOT that important.  I think of the old wise wizard tradition from Gandalf to Merlin to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “I’m known by many names, none of which are important.”  They can come and go like clothes and yet they are important because they carry an energy, they tell something about you.  Like a good suit, a fancy cloak or a beloved sweater, it can speak volumes.  It says something about the wearer.   And even though he went by many names, Gandalf still changed his to signify his change after fighting the balrog in Moria.

Nothing seemed to be “just right” and so, I stepped away for a few days.  Of course, as it goes, around this last full moon, I found what I was looking for while searching for something else.  Funny how that works, right?

I did a card reading to review the name.  I ended up using a single card from three of my favorite decks currently; The Wildwood Tarot, The Enchanted Map and The Faeries Oracle.  Like normal, they did not let me down..


Card 1 – Wildwood: Five of Bows, Empowerment (Initiative, moving forward, strength, purpose.)
Card 2 – Enchanted Map: Moonlight (intuition, following your gut, note the fairy in the picture ;D )
Card 3 – Faeries Oracle (The Fey’s opinion): She of the Cruach  (Support and nurturing.  Replenishment.  Care.)

Like most of my readings these days, it was straight and to the point.  Some quick notes: The Five of Bows was drawn yesterday as my “Wisdom” card for the next few days and then, even after a good shuffle, it turned up here.  The Enchanted Path, Moonlight card I found to be wonderful because there is a Fey in the picture.  (This will make more sense in a moment.)  When I drew the Enchanted Path card I had not planned to draw a Faeries Oracle card in this reading due to time.  As you can see, the Fey decided to add some commentary anyway.

After drawing the Moonlight card I had to laugh and, with an apology, drew the third card specifically to check in with the Fey.  It would appear they give their blessing, sending one of my favorite Singers to let me know.

And so, I’ve chosen the surname of Sidhean.  It is an old Gaelic word for a “hill where the fairies live.”  Given the work I often do with nature spirits and the Fey, I feel it’s quite appropriate (and the punchline featured in the second card!)  I imagine I’ll wear it for awhile until I start to feel that familiar bit of itching and, once again, have to go for a change.  Hopefully, I won’t need to fight a Balrog to do so!

Thanks for reading!
~Rustus Sidhean ~


Let Nature be your Teacher

I don’t normally reblog things but this is one statement that really pulls together everything and could be used every day, every hour. Big thanks to Joanna van der Hoeven for posting it.

Down the Forest Path

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Dowsing the Glen – A Special Encounter

I’ve made it a point to go over to the Glen every Saturday or Sunday morning for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been a real joy to watch the land wake-up to spring and to watch the changes as the weeks move forward.

Walking to the Glen I had a few things happened that signalled to me that this trip was going to be something cool.  As I grew close to the park a pileated woodpecker flew directly across my path and then turned and angled towards the wood that holds the glen.  A few moments later, a crow casually flew in front of me, left to right.  These two things, so close together, told me to be aware this morning.

Shortly after crossing the boundary markers of the Glen, my dowsing took me off the path and stopped me at a point where, at first, I wasn’t sure why.  I’ve learned that this usually means, “Look around and/or wait.”  So, I did and a few moments later, spotted a box turtle tucked up under old fallen log.  This has happened so often to me but it’s still a bit of magic every time it happens.  I asked, “So, it’s going to be that kind of trip today?”  I was rewarded with a “Yes” answer.

My dowsing took me further away from the path and then stopped again near an oak tree.  I found one item (which I talk about in the video) and had just started the initial introduction to the video when the series of events began.  I’ve not edited the video at all. .

I am delighted to have had this opportunity to film this.  Not many people get to see this kind of bird interaction in the woods.  I would not have had this encounter if the dowsing had not told me where to go, where to stop and which direction to stand.  As I say in the video, I thought at first it was a hawk simply because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.   There is a lot of information that occurred in between filming the video and I’ll be thinking more about this encounter  I’ll have a separate post on it directly.

It was a very powerful morning.

To Ask is To Know

As the Spring energy has been building, I’ve made several trips back to my glen.  I dowse information or sometimes just sit in a few known power spots and listen.  My trips take me back there at least once a week, sometimes thrice.  Spending time there has been clearing and healing for me.  Last weekend, intuition led me towards shooting a video and restarting my Youtube channel.  It’s something that “clicks” with me right now.

I’m very serious about my question in the video.  I’ve been told I am to listen and to be of assistance.  The only way I know to do that is to ask, “What do you need?”  I guess we will go from there!  Feel free to respond here or in a comment on the video.

I had thought that the blog might take a turn towards dreams and lucid dreaming.  It would appear that is not the case.  To be honest, I’m not sure which way it’s going.  I do know I want to start making videos again.  Time will tell how this will all sort itself out.  For now, I’m listening not only to Spirit but to you as well!


New Steps

For the first time since I closed down the blog and simultaneously re-opened it, I believe I am beginning to see some things take form. My last post on my power dream and the flowers was placed purely from an intuitive “push” that occurred with me. I suppose I could jokingly say I was simply “following orders.” I was not sure where it would lead. Now, it appears it was but the first stone on the new path.

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. After a wonderfully long hike in the woods where I had my Vision Quest, the later part of it was going to a large, local bookstore and, with money in my pocket, simply looking for a good title to read. Again, I was just following an intuitive nudge that something was waiting for me there.  I had recently found myself interested again in Carl Jung, his Red Book and his Alchemical work again and was hoping to find something on the shelf. Perhaps that was it? I knew it was a long shot for an eccentric title to be on a big box bookstore but I felt it was worth it. When I got there, of course, The Jung section consisted of only two or three typical Jung titles that I had already read. So, continuing to follow the intuition. I decided to do some body dowsing.

I promise to go into detail on this with another post but, in short, body dowsing is something that can be done when you find yourself without a pendulum or rods OR you are in a spot where it might not be a good idea to bring them out, for instance in a crowded bookstore at Holiday time on the weekend. It’s a way of allowing your body to give you a physical reaction or movement based on the binary system of “yes” or “no.” I’ve had moderate success with it and this was as good a time as any.

Standing in the store, I calmed myself, reached out for that peace and mindfulness of being in the Now and asked, “Is there a title here that I should look at and purchase?” “Yes.” “Can I be directed there?” “Yes.”

As I turned slightly in the store looking around I waited for the “yes” trigger to fire which would point me in the direction I needed to go. For me, it’s the twitch of a particular finger.  After some trial and error I got a distinct line that, go figure, directed me to the metaphysical section. Following the line and after a series of further dowsing I found myself holding a paperback book on Lucid Dreaming. Given my past power dream and my numerous thoughts about it since, I was fascinated.

To add more depth to the situation, earlier in my life, in my late 20’s, I had looked into and worked with a dream journal and with lucid dreaming. Standing there in the bookstore, flipping through the pages of the paperback, I remembered that time period fondly but could not, for the life of me, remember why I had stopped! Had it gotten too “weird?” Had I just become distracted by something else? What had pulled me away? I still do not know. I even remember possibly owning the very book that I held in my hand. It certainly looked familiar to me.  (Somewhere, in the aether, you could maybe hear a spirit guide-like chuckle or maybe it was a faery laugh?)

The decision to purchase the book was instant and natural. No decision making, no maybe this or maybe that. It came as natural as taking the next step when walking.

After three days of reading and one or two very interesting experiences with dreaming and visualization, it struck me this morning that all of it could, and would, make an interesting subject to carry onward with the blog.  However, there’s something more to it that excites me about working with it and writing about it.

It’s not my intention to simply write about my re-found experiences with lucid dreaming and resharpening my skill with it as a stand alone subject. What I wish to do is to bring it to and combine it with my other work with earth energy, spirit, manifestation, dowsing and divination. The goal is to combine lucid dreaming with my interest in Jung’s active imagination work, mindfulness, and Tolle’s theories of the Now to pull all these elements together and, hopefully, leverage them to their full extent.

In other words, I want to push my experience a bit and see what happens! What can be learned and, more importantly for this space, what can be shared?

It’s still early in the process and, given that I just had this realization about five hours ago, even that is an understatement!  But, it feels right and correct.  There is a hum to it that I like so I’ll keep moving toward it and see what happens.

Light and Peace to all.

More to come!