(This post was written at the first of April when a wave of strong storms came through my area.)

The Thunders have arrived.  Interestingly enough I’ve been battling the lower end of a flu bug given to me by my son.  I tossed and turned last night while they flew over the land and rumbled the sky.  This morning, they were the first thing I heard and just as I opened this post to begin writing another loud Thunder voice, the loudest so far, crashed and growled through the rain.

They’re here.

With the arrival I have to admit I wish I was further along.  I feel that I need to be in better shape and there are several questions that need answered.  I’ve been walking to work (a little over 2 miles) which has helped get my knees, back and legs ready for the hiking but more needs to be done.  I also, most importantly, need to determine where I am to go.  There are several options in front of me and a lot of woodland.  My current plan is to find the location with a map dowsing and then scout it sometime in the near future.  I feel that I have several more weeks available to me.

The next most important step is to determine WHEN this will occur so I can make plans accordingly with family, work, etc.  I felt it was important to wait on the Thunders to arrive before determining the date and making it solid.  This is what I’m doing with this post, with the help of my pendulum and a few Wildwood and Faeries Oracle cards for added clarity.

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Planning the Quest

With the “Coming of the Thunders” I’ve spent quite a bit of quiet time meditating on WHAT exactly I need to get prepared to go and being thankful I’m being given time in advance.  WHERE I am going to go is of far less importance.  I have several options of decent, deep wilderness to hike off into when I need it.  There are other questions like “WHAT I’m bringing with me” and “How I’m going to do it?” which are far more pressing!  The last time I did this sort of thing, wandering off into the woods on a vision quest, I was not married, had no kids, no dog and part time work.  I left work, stopped by my apartment to grab my pack and a few things and then, whoosh, off I went!  Things are, to say the least, a little different now and I am glad I am getting a few weeks or possible months worth of advance notice from the Spirits That Be.

The top four concerns are supplies, physical condition, spiritual condition and something I guess I’ll call Event Logistics (date of event, time off work, time from family, care of the kids and dog, etc.)

I’m currently making a list of the supplies and equipment I need to dig out of storage.  I’m pretty decided on going very minimalist in my trip so I may very well be forgoing a tent or anything too heavy.  At best, I’ll be taking a few large tarps and making a shelter when I get there.  One of my other concerns is water over three days.

I will be drinking very little but I will still need water as I’m not of the hardcore camp of going totally without for several days.  I’ve discovered in my spiritual life that it is not necessary to hit yourself over the head with a rock so you can feel better when you stop!  In other words, I will cut back a bit on water but I’m not going to dehydrate myself in order to have a spiritual experience.  I’ve found I don’t need to do that and the Fey and other spirits, in my opinion, find it a bit silly.  I’ll need to decide how much water I want to bring in and how much I want to try and purify in the bush.  I’m much to broke to afford a good water filtration system so may need to stick with boiling and water tablets or I might break down and buy a lower end emergency water straw.  I’m still shopping on these so we’ll know more over time.

As I get these physical items together, I’ll share the list here so you can see what I am taking.

With Event Logistics, the toughest part will be my work.  I’ll be taking, at least, a Friday off so I can leave for my adventure on a Friday morning and have two nights and three days out.  I am considering taking the following Monday off as well but I may not be able to do it.   I’m quite sure the other items like care of our year old husky, any family responsibilities, etc can be handled and delegated.  My wonderful wife is behind this project a hundred percent so I have a feeling much of this will work itself out in time.

Much of this also hinges on when the Thunders decide to arrive.  Once they do, I will pick a date that works and move forward.  At this point with the weather there is no indication of thunderstorms for at least the next two to three weeks.  Again, the voice simple said, “Now is the time to prepare…”

And that is exactly what I am doing.


Coming of the Thunders

Over the past two weeks I have awoke with the following words echoing in my mind, “It is time to await the coming of the Thunders.”  To some this may seem like quite the puzzling phrase.  For me, however, it is very different.  I can’t remember when I first heard it or read it but it was within the sphere of Native American spirituality.  I believe it was the Plains tribes, possibly the Sioux.  It revolves around the idea that the first sound of thunder in the Spring signals the opening of the Vision Quest time or season.  When I heard it  a week or so ago I knew what it meant.  It was time for me to head out into the woods and do some inner searching.

Two days later, as yet another thick snow fell on my area, I awoke to it again.  And then again.  Someone was getting a message through and it wasn’t until I got up, had my coffee and to the rising sun said, “I hear you and I will come,” did the words finally cease.  I understood what it was saying.  It was important.  I heard something similar last year and because of the new job and other things occurring in my life I chose not to go.  Trying to carve out 3 to 4 full days of time in the woods and nothing else was very difficult then.  I think Spirit understood and backed off within a few days.  This time though it was not letting up.  It was time and I needed to go.  I could feel it very deep within me and it echoed other issues I have been having with myself.   The message, coming to me in late February, was a way to give me enough warning to get everything lined up for what was necessary.

Since that occurred I’ve spent a little time each day thinking about it and getting ideas as to how I want to, or need to, proceed.  One thing that came to me was that I needed to record that preparation and that journey here.  So, I am doing so and, hopefully, it will get me back in the habit of posting more on this blog!

There is a journey ahead and I need to prepare.

A New Cycle

If there was a re-awakening in August with my last post, it’s taken me till Solstice to get out of bed!  I’ll let the video below say what needs said.  I’m back on youtube and will be trying very hard to get some new content out there.

May you all have a blessed and enlightened 2014.  It’s going to be a very powerful year.


When I started this path over twenty years ago, one of the things I wanted more than anything was to find a hawk feather.  I had been told in a vision that when I found the feather it would be a signal from the Universe and Mother Nature that I had “arrived.”  That it would be a marker that I had “made it” to a certain level of competence.   That this would bring me great confidence, great connection and great responsibility.  I would not receive the feather until I was ready to use what I had been taught wisely and for others.

As a youth, I looked high and low.  I mistook turkey feathers and owl feathers.  I would find a feather I didn’t recognize and rush to ID it.   I really WANTED that marker.  I wanted it a bit too much.  Hawk has appeared to me more times than I can count and has been a constant herald of incoming change or messages.  He or she has never dropped me a feather.

It has, indeed, been a hectic time for me since the Winter Solstice.  New job, new apartment, new life.  With the arrival of late Spring and Summer most of my free time has been spent out with Mother Nature.  As first harvest came and went, I was even busier harvesting the garden and numerous plants for my natural dye work which I started last year.  Between this, family, work, and more impending change, I was running myself in numerous directions.

Then, I got sick.  It hit me hard last weekend.  A one-two punch of sinus and bronchial that has leveled me for four days.  I’ve not been that sick for several years.  When that happens I always pay attention and try to figure out what it’s telling me.

I took a long hot bath on the night of the Blue Moon and during it I tranced.  Being submerged in the water, my hand providing a cushion which kept my nose just above the water, I could hear my heart and used it as a drum to take me into Dreamtime.  Once there I was approached by one of my helpers and shown a nasty little “something” that had imbedded itself in my shoulder/neck.  She pulled it and puss drained from it and into the water.  I was told to drain the tub water and to refill.  I surfaced to consciousness and did so.  Once full with soothing hot water, I submerged again with my heart drumming my path downward.

Suddenly, I was shown an image of antlers (I remember it was at least an eight point rack) and in the curve of the rack, slightly above it, within the tines, sat a full, glowing moon.  It filled my vision and I was told that this was important.  This was a symbol of what I followed and what followed me.  This was Unity and that the Time was coming for me.  I was asked, “Do you understand?” I responded, “As much I believe I can, yes.”  I was filled with a deep peace, a sense of health, Unity and happiness.  Other images came to me.  Private ones.  A few of my totems came and went.  Reminding me who they are and that they are around.  They walked/padded/flew in front of the Moon and the Antlers and they each looked at me quietly as they passed, acknowledging our connection.

The scene faded as my daughter knocked on the door, informing me I had been in for over an hour and that she wanted to use the bathroom.

Over an hour?  Wow.  I pulled myself out of Dreamtime and out of the tub.  I felt better but the cold/flu would end up sticking around that evening, the physical symptoms lessening once the spiritual cure was enacted.

Yesterday, while leaving work from home I happened to be walking down a small alley.

Lying to the side was a hawk feather.

I didn’t believe it at first.  I had learned, years ago, to give up in my search.  It would happen if it was supposed to happen.  My constant searching was nothing but immaturity and I needed to let go.  This was probably ten years ago. I stood staring at the feather for a few seconds and then leaned down to gently pick it from the gravel.  I couldn’t help but smile.

Waking this morning from the first deep and restful sleep I’ve had in weeks, I felt renewed and truly awake for the first time in a long time.  The symptoms are nearly gone and I have clarity again.

I am awake.

Thanks for hanging out and being patient while I slept.

I will attempt to make the wait worth it.

Happy Solstice!

A wonderful and magical solstice to you and yours!  I decided this morning to go ahead and pull a few cards.  Not for me this time but for any and all that happen to stumble on the blog during the day.  This is information for all of you.  Normally I would do a video of something like this but since I don’t have a working video camera right now this is the next best thing!

The focus for the reading is this Winter Solstice and what we need to know and learn from it.

I drew three cards from the Faeries Oracle.


Though this reading appears to be a bit dire at first it actually is not at all.  The Fey, indeed, have something to remind and tell all of us today.

Read on!

1. Gawtcha! — Gawtcha talks about surprises, usually unpleasant ones, that wake us up and make us pay attention to something we haven’t been doing a good job of paying attention towards.  Now, Gawtcha is not always unpleasant.  However, he always comes up when there is a breakdown/breakthrough of old ways which need to be discarded to make room for new ways.  Sound familiar to anyone?  It’s the ah-hah moment of “Oh, the world is NOT going to end.  Now what?”  It’s also the energy of “It’s not going to end but it is, most definitely, going to CHANGE.  Didn’t see that one coming did you?”

Old ways will be breaking down and the more individuals as well as groups continue to try and operate within the old structures and habits of doing things, the more difficulty they will have as time moves forward.

2. Laiste, Moon’s Daughter — Laiste is the keeper of spiritual riddles.  There is a reason she looks like a sphinx and this is it!  Her language is the meaning behind symbols of dreams and visions.  She pops here to remind us that this time is a high time of psychic abilities, hunches and seemingly synchronistic events.  It is a time to listen to that deeper language of psychic symbols, to see how it is playing itself out at the end of this cycle.  One of the things I heard while looking over this reading and Laiste in particular was, “There are larger things occurring right now which are transpiring out of the realm of normal day-to-day human perception.  The way to get in touch with those things is not the language of Man.  It is through the language of the Soul and the Heart.”

3. Death — Well, there you go.  I mean, come on, does it need to get any clearer?  I think I’ll just transcribe out of the book.  The words there say it all anyway.  “Something has reached a natural ending, and there is substantial and irevocable change in the works…  It may be timely and natural but there is much resistance to it.”  See what I mean?  I and others have said for some time that this Solstice is the end of a very large and long cycle.  It is not happening overnight.  It simply begins now.

We are moving, today, into another way of being, some would say a better way of being and others would simply say a different way of being.  The bottom line is there is a shift occuring and, for some, it might really feel like the end of the world and a death.  It is happening and will be happening all around us.

The question you have to decide for yourself is what language you will be choosing to listen to over the coming months and years?  It’s quite possible the changes will be small and quiet much like they have been for the past year or so.  I believe the right answer, the right language, is that of the soul and the heart.  It will show us the way.  Personally, I think that twenty years from now we will look back on this day and  nod knowingly.

Just remember, it all began here.  Right here.  Right now.  Today.

Peace and blessings to all of you on this most magical and happy Winter Solstice Day


Winter Reflections

It’s been a little over a month since my last post.  My absence was not on purpose.  As I’ve stated before, the last quarter of this year has been nothing but dealing with the miraculous manifestations of approximately ten years of work.  It makes for a VERY busy time!

As we look at the last few days before the supposed end of the world, I wanted to get on here and post some of my thoughts before it was too late.   You see, I don’t really believe we are headed for the ending of the world.  Far from it actually.  No, I believe we are headed for the exact opposite.  This coming Friday on the 21st I’m pretty sure we will, instead, be looking at the Beginning of the world, not it’s end.

Some of this was confirmed during the New Moon of December which took place on the 13th.  I enjoy watching and interacting with the moon phases and it dawned on me a few days before the 13th that this would be the LAST new moon before the end of the Mayan Calender.  It was the last time to plant seeds before the old cycle came to a close.  A time to plant things in the spiritual ground to be warmed by the FIRST full moon of the new cycle which, if you’ll notice, takes place on the 28th, exactly one week from the ending of the Mayan calender, the 21st.  (Those Mayans, they’re clever!)

I spent some time in meditation on all of this and watching for a sign.  During one meditation I was struck with the feeling that all the ways of doing things which had become the norm over the past 3000 years would be coming to an end.  Those focusing on the ego, on themselves, would slowly find themselves with less and less power.  There would be numerous shake-ups over this but slowly progress would inch forward.

As I walked to work on the New Moon I journeyed down my usual downtown path.  I was thinking about all of this when, out of nowhere, a red-tailed hawk flew directly over me, coming no more than ten feet away.  He landed on a nearby limb, stopped to look at me for several long minutes and then spread his wings and flew directly over me again, zipping off between trees and buildings.  Hawks being the messenger of spiritual information, I considered it a very serious confirmation.

This morning I did a Wildwood card reading, a small three card reading whose focus was on the last few days of this week as we head towards the 21st.  What I drew follows.  (Notice all the cards are Major Arcana.)

  1. The Hooded Man – (The Hermit)
  2. The Archer – (The Chariot)
  3. The Wheel – (Wheel of Fortune)

(I’ll hopefully get some card images up this evening.)

I took the Hooded Man to mean reflection and retreat in the last few days before the 21st.  Solitude, meditation and spiritual rest.  It was a time to reflect on what has passed and, in the quiet dark period of deep winter, really grasp what I need to be working towards, what we all need to be working towards.

The Archer is the Chariot in disguise.  In particular, it speaks of focus and intent.  Aim your arrows carefully and with great skill.  I also had the thought that one of the blessings of an Archer is to fire his weapon amidst great chaos.  He/she has to have the ability to gauge all the different factors like wind, distance, terrain,movement of target all while either a.) other hunters move around him or b.) the chaos of a battlefield.  You have to pick your targets very carefully and aim with great skill.  This applies to the coming times.  What is it that I (or even you) want to focus on?

The Wheel tells us everything we already know.  I consider it a simple confirmation.  The Wheel is in fact turning and transition/change WILL be happening.  What do we want to do about it?  How do we want to deal with it?  Well, you have to see the previous two cards for the answers.  This card just gives us notice that, quite possibly, the 21st will be the largest New Year’s ever.  Change is coming.  I believe that change is for the better.

As long as we all don’t disappear in a puff of smoke or have to deal with some sort of apocalypse it is MY intent and focus to begin posting here much more often and with regularity.  You’ll start seeming some subtle changes here on the blog and, if I can get a working camera, you’ll see some more vids on the Youtube channel.  I have a lot to write about and to share so it’s my job to figure out how to make room for it all!

In the final days of the end of a 3,000 year old calendar I wish you all the very best.  I also wish you clarity of focus and peaceful meditation as the Wheel turns.


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